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AI’s Impact on Stock Market

The stock market has experienced significant growth since early last year, largely propelled by a handful of major technology companies making big bets on artificial intelligence (AI).

This concentration of gains in a few AI-focused tech giants has led to a divide between bullish and bearish analysts. Those optimistic about the market cite this as typical early-stage behavior in technological revolutions, as firms with ample resources develop and popularize emerging tech like AI before it disseminates more widely.

However, critics caution that profitable applications of AI remain largely unproven and years away, risking a market downturn if the much-hyped technology fails to become the watershed moment its proponents have promised. This dichotomy leaves many regular investors, whose 401(k)s and college savings ride on the success of the S&P 500, facing substantial yet underappreciated risk.

Much of the recent bump in major indexes like the S&P 500 traces back to a handful of prominent tech companies dubbed the “Magnificent 7” – Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Tesla, and Nvidia. Enthusiasm around AI in particular has turbocharged these giants’ growth, as they plow billions into acquisitions, research and development. Microsoft’s 75% share price explosion over the past year began with a $10 billion investment in AI firm OpenAI, developer of ChatGPT.

Apple is reportedly planning to integrate generative AI across all its devices. Nvidia recently became the world’s third-largest company thanks to its graphics chips’ AI applications. But because the S&P 500 weighs firms by market capitalization, these few tech titans account for an outsized portion of the index’s 24% climb since early 2022, per Reuters.

Those optimistic about AI spreading point to the massive corporate spending wave as indication the technology will permeate the broader economy. However, sceptics argue the lack of proven use cases makes this unlikely, risking a reversal if AI fails to move beyond the tech giants deploying it. With so many Americans’ retirement savings dependent on the S&P 500 through passive investing, this divergence poses substantial yet underappreciated downside risk.


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